It is generally recommended that you always remove jewelry before any activities that might cause them to get wet (swimming, bathing, washing hands, washing dishes, etc). Particularly with untreated turquoise, exposure to water and oils (lotions, soaps, perfumes, sweat) over time will cause the stone to change color. Australian opal doublets also can expand and crack when they absorb water or other liquids.

My pieces are constructed to last, but are nonetheless hand soldered and won't survive repeated abuse. Therefore, avoid catching, hitting, smacking or dropping your jewelry on hard objects. Turquoise is also a soft, porous stone and is easily scratched and other elements of the piece may snag if not careful so always remove rings during physical activities like exercising, gardening, sleeping, or anything that causes your piece to repeatedly bump into other objects. Opals, particularly thin doublets, are also delicate and may be damaged if dropped or hit.

Most of my sterling silver pieces have been chemically oxidized to give a tarnished patina. Polishing or constant wear will eventually remove the patina, although natural oxidization will occur over time as well. Polishing cloths or pads are an easy and economical way to shine silver that has gone dull.


Once received, any damage that occurs to the piece is the responsibility of the buyer. Buyers are also responsible for properly assessing their ring sizes, as I take care to measure and list correct sizes. Particularly with jewelry containing stone settings, it is very difficult to re-solder broken pieces or resize ring bands. In some cases, depending on the complexity of the task, I may consider the work for a fee (plus shipping both ways). Again, if you are unhappy in any way with your purchase, please email me and hopefully we can work something out.